About Us

We aren't just a Brand we are A Family!

Redefining Lives at SugarPricks

When Empathy Fuels Change, Miracles Happen

Welcome to SugarPricks, a place where two families, each personally touched by the challenges of Type 1 diabetes, have united to create something truly extraordinary. Our journey is one that merges raw emotion and loss with fierce determination, and an unshakable belief that we can alter the narrative surrounding Type 1 diabetes.

Our story began on separate paths, each marked by the relentless struggle and heartache of witnessing our children, siblings, cousins and friends battle with Type 1 diabetes. In those moments, we found ourselves navigating an uncharted sea of glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and midnight blood sugar checks, all while wrestling with our families fervent desire to be "normal." It was an unspoken truth - our family members yearned to shout from the mountaintops and experience life without the shadows of diabetes looming overhead.

Driven by the shared understanding of what it means to live with Type 1 diabetes, we decided to channel our passion into something powerful. SugarPricks was born from the fusion of two families' dreams - to foster awareness, cultivate normalcy, and build a community that inspires change.